vocational and social economic training


Green Heart Homelessness project called

People, Pets, Power and Cooperative Profit

We partner with local stakeholders to acquire: 

Distressed and gov’t owned Real Estate, convert it into Public Commons that supports locally owned and operated small business cooperatives.




Creating a fund development tool for a network of  Neighborhood Pharmacy businesses. This project will also include a job training component to incubate cottage small businesses producing Nutraceuticals and other functional foods. 


Enlightened Civic engagement


Holistic engagement is the NICE paradigm shift to and new systems of governance. The key to success is an agreement to adhere to ethical leaderships and standards of conduct among all participants. The impact is to create jobs, support small businesses and use Enlightened Engagement as a process to solve local economic problems. 


Community Health and Service Learning


NICE is committed to making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities including returning Veterans. Providing healthy food restores faith in our ability to create community builds us all. 




NICE works with food distributors to create economic sustainability through advancing practices of indigenous agribusiness & entrepreneurship. We also provide employment opportunities for our Wounded Warriors through our Disabled Veteran’s Project.