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National Institute of Community Enlightenment


NICE advocates wholeness that heals, both personally and collectively.  

We’re whole when we help reveal the light of our neighbor’s illumined thoughts, words and deeds. 

By thinking and acting as a Community, we can achieve anything.  


NICE has been an active advocate for programs and initiatives that recognize the vitality and worth of residents as key assets to the spiritual and economic life.

 Its founder and CEO, James Davis, is a 50-year resident and lifelong community development professional. His advocacy work through NICE, has resulted in the recruitment of hundreds community volunteers and advocates, representing a wide range of interests, including residents, faith-based groups, social services organizations, small businesses, and government agencies, who have formally signed on to support his efforts to revitalize and restore strategic neighborhoods. 

NICE Corporation

  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, NICE is committed to education and stewardship through its mission to prepare communities with skills that place value on ecologically sound practices based on the integration of both ancient and new knowledge.