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NICE Corporation


Core Planning Services We Provide

  • Awakening – by tapping into the same divine (spiritual) power that illumines the sun and keeps our heart beating, NICE transforms consumers into legacy producers. 

  •  Empowering- offering hands-on educational tools where individuals assume responsibility for local civic and peaceful engagement. This type of learning often creates wealth. 

  •  Creating Conscious Commerce- providing small business support strategies for sustainable community growth.  

Our Mission

 At National Institute of Community Enlightenment, our mission is holistic: to enhance economically under-served neighborhoods through Value-based collaborations designed for their community needs.  

Our Vision & Values



NICE Corp’s vision is to help transform the mindset from being consumers to being producers and thereby creating economic sustainability using a holistic approach to both interpersonal, as well as, corporate global development.

NICE Corp forges strategic partnerships and collaborative relationships that foster economic and community development programs. The organization focuses on spiritual learning activities that evolve into social entrepreneurial, housing, health care, homeland security initiatives, and neighborhood training that add significant value to communities.

The vision is for NICE Corp to serve as a catalyst for grassroots leadership development programs for creative entrepreneurship that can serve as engines for local spiritual community sustainability. 

Dedicated to Spiritual Community Enlightenment



NICE is a non-profit organization committed to education and stewardship.  There are skills we can all learn and practice that will enable us to transition to more sustainable way of life. We show compassion for others to facilitate this learning.

Service based education makes this knowledge available to those willing to learn regardless of economic circumstance. We must transcend the socioeconomic dogmas and political agendas of the past and  open to move beyond and embrace more expansive life ways that bring peace to our communities - connecting key resources, strategic partners, custom planning and followthrough. Each community will be aided in ensuring continued success by diligent monitoring of results and provided expertise when a course correction is needed.

NICE Corporation

 As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, NICE is committed to education and stewardship through its mission to prepare communities with skills that place value on ecologically sound practices based on the integration of both ancient and new knowledge.  

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